About Us

We at SpaceBox are the innovators in self-storage and removal in the greater Perth area of the WA. Our team will take away, or store in place, all your household items, car, needed documents, collectables, items you’re not ready to let go and more. SpaceBox makes room for you and not just your “stuff.” We are 100% Australian owned and local. We are committed to providing storage solutions to all customers who inquire with us.

Others will say, in one way or another, they are all about customer satisfaction. At SpaceBox, we are all about people. We only hire into our company family people who know how to smile, cannot say no to a request, and will say yes every time. SpaceBox respects its customers, and we are always ready to think outside of the box!

We handle your property with respect and hold high your privacy. Our storage containers are secure, waterproof, and come in the correct size. Confidentiality is more than just a word to us, it is an element of our professionalism. We will always honour you and your property.

We are committed to you, your safety and the security of your property that’s why we are members of the Self Storage Association of Australia.


One of our many specialties is taking the clutter out of your life. We, humans, collect things in anticipation of hard times. Storing up was great when scarcity was a way of life, but now the ancient impulse does not serve us well. At SpaceBox, we understand. We’re prepared too; with our secure containers, inventory systems, transports, and more when you are ready to take action. Getting your living space back with our professionals is the easy way out.

From car storage containers to over the bonnet storage cabinets, from moving house to ending the clutter, secure storage at the home or our facility, with SpaceBox you get it all. As industry leaders, we guarantee to get it right the first time. Get an instant quote online or call the friendly staff at SpaceBox anytime.