Onsite Storage
That Keeps Gear Safe

Spacebox on site storage is purpose-designed to handle the harshest of work environments and weather conditions to shield your belongings day after day. Spacebox gives you more space whether you are building & renovating or on a construction site.

This onsite storage container is the perfect storage solution for small renovation projects and even large construction sites.

Spacebox Organises
& Secures Your Gear

So you can safely focus on the job at hand.
Our onsite storage is typically used for:

  • Renovation or Remodeling
  • Construction Sites (Large or Small)
  • Social and Commercial Events
  • Any Reason for Needing Extra Space
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A truck delivering an onsite storage box to a worksite.

Job Site Storage That Works

With a custom box design accompanied by quick, reliable and friendly service we have the industry-leading onsite storage solution you need.


Hassle-Free Storage

We deliver to your location for you to keep our storage container at yours until you no longer need it.


Financially Viable

Our prices and competitive and relative to the market. You will not find a better solution to your on site storage needs.


Informative Service

We keep you in the loop. When we are on the way to and from we contact you so that you can schedule accordingly.


Burglar & Weather Proof

Our custom designed storage pods are A-grade industrial quality and durability. Nothing will penetrate that steel barrier without a key or combination.


Size Selection

We have different sized storage containers to suit your needs to ensure you have the right size for your project.


Optional Lifting Support

On request, we are willing to do the heavy lifting with your onsite storage needs.

Got Gear? Need it Secured on Site?
Get Spacebox